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Concussion Waiver

CONCUSSION/TRAUMA POLICY: Player and Parents acknowledge the Club's Concussion/Trauma Policy, which prohibits any player who has suffered any apparent brain trauma from returning to play in that game or any subsequent game without a doctor's release. By signing this form I acknowledge that I have received and reviewed the Concussion Fact Sheet available on the Club’s website: OYSA Concussion Fact Sheet If my child is 12 years old or older, I acknowledge that a copy of the OYSA Concussion Fact Sheet has been made available to my child.

Mitigating Concussions

Like all activities, we can't completely remove the potential for injury in any situation. However, in a continuing effort to ensure the safest environment for our athletes, THUSC with the medical expertise of Orthopedic+Fracture Specialists is expanding activities to aid in reducing the risk for concussions. We hope these efforts in conjunction with continued instruction in the proper technique from the coaches decreases concussions within the program.

We are adding a neck strengthening program to assist our athletes in maintaining a connection between their head and torso while involved in impact scenarios.

Throughout the season, athletes receive timely instruction in proper technique, ensuring that positioning of the body and stabilization of the neck muscles is reflexive in the game environment.Techniques such as taking the ball off the chest are reinforced throughout training and in games to decrease the incidence of contact to the head. Proper recognition of players in the immediate area, appropriate positioning to ensure safe play, and game etiquette are areas of continued emphasis by our trained coaching staff. Reckless play is never reinforced.

The Neck Strength / Concussion Program exercise series has been developed by Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists. The exercise series is to be completed during practice or as part of a home conditioning program as outlined by your coach and the injury prevention calendar.

If you have questions about the Neck Strength / Concussion Program, please click here for more information.

Orthopedic+Fracture Specialists Concussion Resources

Concussion Prevention - Feeling Like You're in a Fog? How can I Prevent a Concussion? When is it Safe to Return to Sport?

Other resources available on the Orthopedic + Fracture Specialists website:

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