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Many children love soccer; they play indoor, they play with their clubs, and  with friends and family. A portion of these kids would like to continue playing when one league concludes and another league begins. Our U10 program is designed to provide an opportunity for young players to continue playing and developing after season's end.

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Provide a fun, safe and professional training environment for local players age 7-10.


1. Teach players how to be responsible, and learn

2. To work in concert with THJSL recreational programs

3. Provide learning opportunities for local recreational coaches

4. To enjoy competition while improving.

5. Ensure a 15:1 player-coach ratio


Three terms: Winter, Spring I and Spring II. Each term will consists of twelve 1.5 hour training sessions. Tuesday sessions will be technical training with the ball, and Thursday session will be Game Days introducing basic tactical understanding in a competition format. Players will be assigned to teams for Thursday games.

The Winter Session will run from 12/10-12/19 and 1/7-1/30.

The Spring I Session will run from 2/4-3/13.

The Spring II Session will run from 3/18-5/1 (No sessions during Spring Break).


In tune with our player-based club philosophy, our teaching and management methodologies will follow the United States Soccer Federation's National Youth Module program. We will incorporate pieces of USSF's licensing, to fit all player's needs.

Curriculum for Tuesday Sessions

Each term will consist of the following technical curriculum:

Session I:  Dribbling Basics: Balance, running style, agility, and mobility.

Session II:  Game Day -  games designed to incorporate dribbling basics

Session III: Dribbling Moves: Chops, Pull Backs, and  moves that involve the plant foot.

Session IV: Game Day -  games designed to incorporate dribbling basics and moves

Session V: Dribbling to Beat Opponents: More functional situations that build into the previous two weeks of Dribbling Basics, and Dribbling Moves.

Session VI:  Game Day  -  games designed to incorporate dribbling basics, moves and beating people

Session VII: Receiving: Balls on the ground, and in the air.

Session VIII:  Game Day  -  games designed to encourage dribbling moves as receiving

Session IX: Passing: On the ground, and in the air. All Receiving options are also passing options.

Session X:  Game Day  -  games designed to incorporate receiving (as moves) and passing encouraging a receiving touch that allows for good passing

Session XI: Shooting: Power shot, and slotting.

Session XII:  Game Day  -  games designed to incorporate dribbling, receiving, passing and shooting.

All sessions will stress coordination, agility and mobility to education our players on body mechanics, movement and awareness. All small-sided game sessions will emphasis transition from attacking to defending and defending to attacking.


$90 per player for each session. Each player will receive a United Training Shirt.


Matt Dacey - Director

            Assistant Director - Tualatin Hills United

            Region IV Staff Coach

            OYSA National Youth Module Instructor

            USSF 'B' License

            USSF National Youth License

            Jesuit High School - Boys JV

Tom Atencio

            Director - Tualatin Hills United

            Region IV Head Coach

            OYSA National Youth Module Instructor

            USSF 'A' License

United Staff Coaches

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