Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club
Fire 'n' Ice
Girls U14

Team Photo of Fire 'n' Ice
Back Row: Jill Hurst (F), Jamie Steinfeld (M, D), Katee Whitney (M),
Wayne Flynn (Coach), Catherine Kehrli (M), Lisa Markman (GK), Ashley Roos (M, D)
Middle Row: Mary Pat Hosler (M), Ashley Scott (M), Stephanie DeGraff (D),
Stephanie Jensen (D), Elizabeth Hosler (F), Kelly O'Brien (M)
Front Row: Carrie Bonino (F, M), Molly Matson (D), Jess Andrews (D),
Melanie Wagner (M)
Team Captains: Mary Pat Hosler, Molly Matson
(Alternates: Jill Hurst, Stephanie Jensen)
Assistant Coach: Brian Whitney
Manager: Mary Whitney

About Fire 'n' Ice

Fire 'n' Ice is a 1999-2000 Girls U14 Team participating in Oregon's Classic 1 Division of competitive soccer. Fire 'n' Ice are proud members of the Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club (THUSC). Most of the girls have played together for 3 years and have been coached by Wayne Flynn for the past two years. This team is dedicated to a challenging 12 month training program consisting of summer/fall outdoor soccer, winter indoor soccer, winter outdoor training (lovingly referred to as "mud ball"), and spring outdoor soccer. Most players intend on moving into high school soccer in the summer of 2000.

Fire 'n' Ice Fun!

FNI Having Fun!

Competition History

The 1999-2000 Fire 'n' Ice has had great success on the playing field. In a testament to their hard work through the winter, spring, and summer, Fire 'n' Ice successfully qualified into Classic 1 competition with a record of 3-2 during the qualifying tournament. The team set this as their primary goal for the summer and they accomplished it!

The team participated in four other tournaments during the summer of 1999 and reached the finals in two and narrowly missed the finals in a third by one point. (Tournaments: Rockwood - 4th Place, PCU - 2nd Place, Tumwater - 3rd Place, TTS - 2nd Place)

In May of 1999, the team travelled to Boise, Idaho to participate in the Les Bois Invitational. The team placed 3rd, and digital photos from the trip are available by clicking here. If all goes well, the team will travel to Alaska for a tournament in July of 2000!

Contact Information

For more information about Fire 'n' Ice, please contact Wayne Flynn via:
  • Email:
  • Phone: 503-629-9011 (hm)
  • FAX: 503-296-2174