June 21 - June 24, 2001

On-Line Application Form

Instructions: Fill out the form fields below as completely as possible. Once you submit your application, it is not considered to be officially received until your payment in full is also received. After you submit your application, you will be able to print your application and you will receive an application number. There are two methods of payment possible. You can pay ON-LINE using the link provided after you submit your application, or you can send us your check. (You must write the application number on your check in order for us to process it.) The postmark date of your check, or the date that you make electronic payment is considered your application date. After submission of your application, you will be emailed a password so that at any time you can log on and modify your team's contact information. If you don't have all of the information required to file a complete application, you can submit it anyway, get the password via email, and come back and enter the information at a later time.

Again, we must emphasize that the date of the postmark of your check or the date of the electronic payment will be the date that we utilize when determining wait list status, etc. If you don't pay the tournament fee, then your application won't ever be considered. If you click "Submit Application", you are stating that you understand and agree to all of these terms.

Privacy Statement: THUSC will not distribute, provide, or sell any information collected on this application form to any third party for any purpose whatsoever. All information collected is to be used only for THUSC's processing of your tournament entry.

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Team Information:
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Age Group:
2001-2002 Age Groups!
Gold = Premier Teams Only
Silver = Classic Teams Only
All birth dates fall within:
(Exclude 8th grade waivers and young players playing "up")

Note: Our tournament allows Oregon 8th Grade Waivers, and younger players (not teams) playing up.

Team Experience:
In order to evaluate your team for acceptance, you must provide a detailed competition history. Include items such as placement in your state/provincial league, tournaments, state/provincial competitions, etc.