Date Time Update Who
3.June.98 11:00 General Maintenance md
6.May.98 9:35 Added link to 1999 Women's World Cup Ticket Info. md
5.May.98 16:35 Added link to USA world cup squad. wf
27.Apr.98 10:00 Revised navigation to be lessgraphic-intesive to minimize download efforts. Reformatted Updates so mostcurrent items reside at top of page. Danced. md
21.Apr.98 10:00 Added a beta message board for testingpurposes. md
20.Apr.98 10:00 Added newsticker for World Cup info.Placed StrikeForce as Featured Team. Added a stats page (password: thuscif you are interested in viewing stats; contact Matt or Wayne for info on how toread the stats page). md
13.Apr.98 22:00 Added Camps info. Rearranged news items.Removed coaches names from site until approved by BOD. WF
13.Apr.98 20:00 Added ticker, removed news item md
13.Apr.98 00:27 Added list of 1998 Coaches WF
03.Apr.98 20:15 Updated Tryout page. Modified contactpage, Added stuff to HOME.HTML WF
29.Mar.98 22:00 Added tryout information to front page andcreated new page "tryout98-3.htm" with all tryout infromation. WF
23.Mar.98 00:05 Added rules to tournament page.Reformatted download area. Changed link colors. Fixed phone numbers in forms.
Still need to update try-out info and add THUSC registration form in PDF.
10.Mar.98 16:15 Two frameset (from three) toremove constant header; made all pages uniform width; set standard font toHelvetica (mac) and Arial (pc). md
09.Mar.98 22:15 Webring information WF
25.Feb.98 9:20 Place-holders for Gear and CampsPages md
25.Feb.98 9:10 Created Updates md

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