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    Select Soccer 2017-2018

    Seasonal Competitive Program
    for birth years 2008 - 1999

    Bridging the gap between recreational and year-round competitive soccer.

    Seasonal League Play
    Volunteer Coaches
    Fall and Winter/Spring Oregon Youth Soccer League participation
    Optional Directors or Founders Cup in the Fall or Presidents Cup for High School

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    U10-U14 Select Tryouts
    Saturday, May 13th 1-3 pm, THPRD Rec Center.
    Wednesday, May 17th 6-7:30, Powerlines Park

    Please email if you have any questions about the program.


    Boys 2006 - United Adamantium, head coach Ben Carrington
    Boys 2006 - United Vibranium, head coach Ben Carrington
    Girls 2006 - United Nitrogen White, head coach Chris Barbero
    Girls 2006 - United Nobelium, head coach Mike Crabill
    Girls 2006 - United Tungsten, head coach William Roskowski
    Girls 2005 - United Nitrogen Black, head coach Clay Atkins
    Girls 2005 - United Iron, head coach Gregg Gadawski
    Girls 2004 - United Magnesium, head coach Conan Griffiths
    Girls 2003 - United Cobalt, head coach Jaspal Dhasi
    Boys 2003 - United Fluorine, head coach Chris Bond
    Girls 2002 - United Rapids, head coach Phillipe Thuiller
    Boys 2002 - United Palladium, head coach David Reid
    Boys 2002 - United Thorium, head coach Ben Nelson
    Boys 2001 - United Hornets, head coach Niall McConnell

    Our goal is to have teams for all age groups,
    placement depends on the number of players and coaches.

    $330 for summer/fall, mid-June-October 2017
    $330 for High School Teams, June/July 207 January - April 2018
    $280 for Spring , February - April 30th, 2018.

    Questions About Select?

    If you are interested in coaching a Select team
    please contact