THUSC's Philosophy - Player Development

Our primary goal at the Tualatin Hills United Soccer Club is to develop our student athletes so they are prepared for the challenges ahead in high school, college, state, regional, and national teams. It is UNITEDÂ’s desire to develop individual players to fit into the team concept; thus the result is individual success, and team success.

We offer a year around program with a predictable year-long calendar that incorporates club wide breaks. Players are expected to follow the calendar as it is designed appropriately per age group.

Team selections are different per age group. Tryouts 2002 will consist of multiple equal teams per gender at the U-11 age group. There will be no first team or second team categorization placed on U-11 players. Traditional tryouts will remain in place for U-12 to U18; a first team and a second team will be chosen based on playing ability.

It is the philosophy of UNITED to create a positive developmental environment at U-11. This environment begins at tryouts. It is the goal of UNITED to make the transition from recreational soccer to classic soccer painless and positive. At the U-12 to U-19 age groups, the majority of club members will have at least one year of development at the classic level; players then will be better prepared for a traditional tryout.

UNITED believes the game is the best teacher. With a combination of structure and self-realization, players are trained to be well-rounded athletes when faced with situations on the field and in society. Players are trained by an excellent coaching staff, dedicated to personal education. UNITED has playing time requirements to allow players to see success in game situations.

Coaches place high standards on players by offering year-long training for both field players and goalkeepers. In addition, UNITED offers a full summer camp program,College Placement Program, and United Soccer Winter Education.

Let us never forget soccer is a game, games are supposed to be fun. A parentÂ’s greatest entertainment is watching his/her children improve and enjoy something simultaneously. UNITED is a competitive program stressing education and chronological player development. We prepare players to maximize individual talent in a team concept, with a family style club atmosphere.

Welcome to the future!
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