New Athlete Development Program Introduced September 2011

Fitness Sessions are Wednesays on Field #2 at the THPRD Rec Center:
U10-U12 boys and girls 5:30 -6:45
U13-U14 boys and girls 6:30- 7:45

Functional Sessions are Monday
6-7pm Field #2
at the THPRD Rec Center. (your coach will notify you)

Beaverton, Oregon - August 18, 2011 - Tualatin Hill United Soccer Club (THUSC) will introduce a new, premier player development program for the 2011-2012 soccer season that is unmatched in the state of Oregon.

This new, year-round training program will consist of team and individual skill development that focuses on both the physical and mental aspects of the game and is designed to have athletes pique at the appropriate times of the season for championship play.

Positional training. In addition to the twice weekly team training and weekly fitness sessions we have added specialized positional training. Starting in September - all Forwards will have an additional day of training each week to hone their offensive skills, in October we focus on Mid-Fielders and follow-up with Defenders in November. THUSC has also made big changes to Goalkeeper training this coming season. With the investment of 4 Goalkeeper coaches - each will run weekly training sessions with small groups of 4-7 Keepers, they will also attend team training and games for those same Keepers to help coach in competitive settings.

Changes to Fitness. This year we are making some significant changes to our weekly fitness training. We will implement "economical training" or "training with the ball," so that players improve their fitness level and learn to think on their feet while fatigued. Athletes will participate in these intense weekly fitness sessions throughout the fall and spring building their endurance and preparing them for championship play. It is critical that our athletes are in top physical condition to perform their best and to prevent injury.

Lastly, in addition to team training, positional training and fitness we are offering our athletes additional time with our club sports psychologist Brian Baxter. Teams will meet with Brian 4 times in a month to focus on goal setting, work to overcome roadblocks and disappointments as well as breathing techniques.

"The well thought out changes to the THUSC training and support programs will take our club into a new era and continue to place THUSC as Oregon's premier soccer club," states Tom Atencio, Director of Coaching and Player Development.

Personal Ingredients to Successful Soccer Specific Fitness
Home T
ining Veterans

by Tom Atencio D.O.C.

Players: enclosed is a self training program to be used during pre season. Some methods are borrowed from the United States National Teams, and other methods have been developed by the Tualatin Hills United Coaching Staff. Follow all directions, and do not hesitate to ask your coach for help in understanding any exercise in this packet.
Training Session Information:

-A soccer field is preferred, but a park will due.

-A stopwatch is optional.
-Use the attached log to monitor your progress.

(20 minutes)
- Movement with the ball
1. Pendulum big toe chop
2. Pendulum little toe chop
3. Pendulum tuck
4. Pendulum box
5. Pendulum pullback
6. Pendulum scissors both feet
7. Pendulum over and out
8. Pendulum in and out
(5 minutes)
-Stretching all body parts
(20 minutes)
- Juggling (10 minutes)
1. Stationary Juggle feet, thighs, head.
2. Run Juggle feet, thighs, head
3. Rhythm Juggle foot-thigh, foot-chest, foot-head
4. Creative Juggling on your own
(5 minutes)
-Stretching all body parts
Total Work Out Time (50 minutes)

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