Sports Psychology Program

Team training schedule, fall/winter 2011

*Over the next six weeks, your players will meet with THUSC sport psychology consultant Brian Baxter three to four times. The first session will include the coach, and the rest will be players only. We will work on team building, leadership, communication and strengthening the mental game.

*We have changed locations for the winter. All sessions will be held at the Orthopedic+Fracture Specialists,
located at 11782 SW Barnes Rd., Suite #200. Come in the front door and take the elevator or stairs to the second floor. Turn right and the conference room is at the end of the hall.

Please wear United training gear, as we may get up and move around some. However, no cleats or soccer balls will be allowed inside. Also, please be respectful of the facility and stay in the waiting room and conference rooms only. Parents may wait in the waiting room if you like.

Monday 11/7/2011 11/14/2011 11/28/2011 12/5/2011 12/12/2011
4:30-5:15 U11 Boys U11 Boys U11 Boys U11 Boys Kryptonite
5:20-6:05 Iron Iron Iron Iron Tungsten
6:10-6:55 Cobalt Kryptonite Cobalt Kryptonite Cobalt
Wednesday 11/9/2011 11/16/2011 11/30/2011 12/7/2011 12/14/2011
4:30-5:15 Silver/Rhodium Silver/Rhodium Silver/Rhodium Silver/Rhodium Xenon
5:20-6:05 Indium Tungsten Indium Tungsten Indium
6:10-6:55 Steel Xenon Steel Xenon Steel

United Sport Psychology Program
Mission Statement

The UNITED sport psych program has begun and is off and running for the
fall of 2010. Each team in United will have at least one 45-minute session
per month Monday during the fall season (teams may rotate during different
seasons or request additional sessions). These sessions will take place at
Bethany Physical Therapy. A typical session will involve fun and engaging
activities designed to:

1) Build team unity
2) Teach and practice mental skills such as Goal setting, focus,
visualization, breathing techniques, blocking distractions and more.

I will work closely with each coach to tailor sessions to the teams' specific needs.

This program is a part of the club's vision to provide a well-rounded experience
for all its players and coaches. If you do not want you child to participate for
any reason, or if you have any questions about the program, please call or e-mail me.

I am also available to work with athletes on an individual level. United players
members get a 20% discount for all individual sessions.

To find out more about me, my experience and sports psychology in general please
visit my website.

Thanks, and Believe in United!

Brian Baxter, MA
Sport Psychology Consultant
(503) 309-3347