Red Star Academy

Red Star Academy -

An ounce of intelligence, is worth more than a pound of muscle.

Development Program for Boys and Girls Ages 7-9

Monday & Wednesday's 4:45pm - 6:00pm

THPRD Rec center field # 1

Red Star philosophy:

The benchmark cannot be solely based on winning tournaments. It is important to strike a balance between winning and developing players to be competitive in OPL. It seems logical to assume that if sufficient numbers of talented players are produced, combined with quality technical and tactical coaches, then winning results will follow in tournaments, NWCL, state cups, regional's and hopefully nationals.

All players will be taught the Red star program's beliefs on how the game of soccer should be played and they will be developed to meet the demands of the game in the future.

Soccer should be played with an efficient, measured and controlled possession approach, where pass quality, combined with intelligent and timely support and movement lead to progress through areas of the soccer field.

To defend effectively and efficiently: a team should display a controlled, calculated and positive approach where all players contribute and have a clear understanding of the tactical objectives being used to regain possession of the ball.

Style of play will allow and encourage all players to contribute to the attacking phase with variety and considered risk taking. In the defending phase, players will defend with understanding, assertiveness and decisiveness.

2012 Calendar
Spring - February to April
Thank you so much for a wonderful spring soccer season. The players have been amazing!!!!!!!

Summer - July to August - Registration Open!!!!
Includes two practices a week and possible tournament play. (Extra cost is needed if your child plays in a tournament)
Fall - Sept to November
Includes two practices a week and one game on Sunday in the Fall league.

There will be a fee for a player card ($15) Please purchase on line - once per year.
Each player will wear the Red Star Academy training kit, for practice and for games. The kit is $33 and can be purchased at Tursi's Soccer, 3122 SW 87th Ave , Portland Or 97225. Kits will be available for purchase mid Janaury, call ahead to confirm it is is stock. 503-297-2241.

Possible Indoor for Winter.

Winter - Dec / January
Indoor futsal internal league for a small fee.

Water the Bamboo!!

Once Bamboo is planted, you have to water it regularly and faithfully for three or four years. Years go by in which nothing happens. Until finally, after long and religious watering, a shoot appears above ground. And then that shoot grows like crazy, often reaching ridiculous heights in just a few weeks. But the catch is, to achieve that crazy growth, you have to keep at the watering, even when you don't see results, even when you're sick of it, even when you're not sure anything at all is happening. The Red Star Academy believes our future lies with this age group . We have to put all our efforts into our Development Academy. We have to be patient, and we have to believe in the plan.

The first year it sleeps
The second year it creeps
The third year it leaps

The Red Star Academy will be directed by Rochelle Hearns (Girls) and Jason Carney (Boys). Both have a wealth of soccer knowledge that can help your child progress through the development stages of youth soccer. Cole McCool will also be joining the Academy to make sure we have quality coaching in this part of the club.

Girls contact: Rochelle Hearns -

Boys contact Jason Carney

THUSC works off the so-called SPIT model, which stands for Speed, Personality, Intelligence and Technique. P and S are generally innate properties, but I and S can always be developed further.